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For over 50 years we have been producing decorative ribbons to enrich and enliven any celebration. Our range is divided into two main categories: polypropylene ribbons, commonly known as ‘’paper ribbons’’, and the more elegant and precious textile ribbons.

nastri decorativi natalizi

Within the two main types of ribbons, products are then developed in different ways when it comes to materials, colours and patterns suiting each occasion or season, all of which in the shape of various ready-made or easily assembled bows and ribbons.

nastri ecofriendly natale

Ecofriendly Ribbons

Here are the brand new eco-friendly decorative ribbons: a line of 100% cotton ribbons, for a more natural finish and one in recyclable fabric, made from 100% paper.

Nastri decorativi Green & Glam

Green & Glam Decorative Ribbons

The Glam line of ribbons dedicated to tulips, peonies, poppies, wildflowers and roses and the Green line inspired by medical herbs, eucalyptus and lavender.

nastri decorativi tuoribbon

TUOribbon decorative ribbons

The potential of four-color printing on fabric ribbon gives us the possibility to offer you a selection of ribbons printed according to our creativity.

nastri polipropilene natale-00

Polypropylene Ribbons

Polypropylene ribbons are today the best-selling and most used product in decorative packaging. These are extruded polypropylene tapes which, later on, can be embossed, printed or coupled to thin sheets that change their appearance and consistency.

nastri natalizi tessuto

Textile Ribbons

Loom textyle ribbons starting from metalloplastic yarns, often of our own manufacturing, which represent our historical line. They are soft, animated and with tie rods, giving refined elegance to gift boxes and room decorations.

Nastri matrimonio e altri eventi

Ribbons for wedding and other events

Each event has its own ribbon. From births to weddings, from Valentine’s Day to Halloween through to theme parties: we have a ribbon suitable for any occasion, in solid color or with specific patterns.

Organza and double satin ribbons

Organza, double satin, taffeta, grosgrain: these are the great classics in the world of decorative ribbons. The light ribbons are textile ribbons with very dense wefts, but characterized by a particular lightness.

Rafia sintetica

Synthetic raffia ribbons

Un’ampia gamma di rafie sintetiche disponibili in molteplici colori e materiali per decorazioni semplici e di effetto naturale. Conferisce al packaging un aspetto naturale pur essendo resistente all’acqua.

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