Bows, Stars and Cockades

For special packages, special ribbons!

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Here you will find an idea for decorating or wrapping any type of gift, from the very small one to the large one, for the package wrapped with gift paper, with a soft envelope or with a convenient shopping bag.
Always with an eye to practicality, we have thought of all situations, even to make the decoration of the Christmas tree faster and more effective.

Bows, Stars and Cockades

Maxi bows or Mini strips, for XL gifts or small thoughts!

Do you need to pack a big gift? Then you need a big bow! Here you can find strips of ribbon with a tie rod to quickly automatically mount large bows up to a diameter of 35 cm! These bows can be used to pack large gifts, but also to decorate rooms in moments of celebration, from the birth of a child, to birthday parties, or as Christmas decorations to be applied to entrance doors or gates. Maxi bows are particularly suitable for decorating shopping centers or large Christmas trees in town squares.

If, on the other hand, you need to embellish a small gift package, choose ministrips, strips of ribbon with a tie that allow you to easily form bows with a diameter of only 40 mm. Try using them to enrich small gifts, to close and decorate candy packages or, in the double satin variant, to pack small but precious objects such as jewelry or bijoux.

coccarde natalizie
coccarde natalizie

Superpratic Bows

These are bows available in various formats and sizes, to which an animated strip is applied instead of the usual adhesive. The product is suitable for the decoration and quick closure of all gifts on the packaging of which the adhesive is not recommended. These bows are particularly beautiful when applied to Easter eggs, but they are also perfectly suited to the decoration of wine bottles or food bags.

coccarde natalizie
coccarde natalizie
coccarde natalizie

Bag Sealer and Bag Closer: for express packs!

If you want to quickly pack a gift, the ideal solution is to use a shopper combined with comfortable adhesive bag closers, patented and designed by Brizzolari precisely for the decoration of shopping bags of any shape or size. And to complete the package, also add the Brizzolari bag sealer, an adhesive star with an integrated dedication card on which you can write small sentences. With a few simple gestures your gift bags will remain closed and will be decorated for the party!

coccarde natalizie
coccarde natalizie

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