Nastri Brizzolari

Decorative ribbons production since 1950

Since 1950 we have been designing and manufacturing decorative ribbons in line with the most current trends, using only raw materials from Italian suppliers, to enrich the moments of celebration all over the world with the quality and refinement of our Made in Italy. Because special occasions deserve the best style… and a Brizzolari ribbon!

nastri ecofriendly

Ecofriendly Ribbons

For your packaging, choose an environmentally friendly ribbon

Discover the brand new eco-friendly decorative ribbons: a line of 100% cotton ribbons, for a more natural finish and one in recyclable fabric, made from 100% paper.

nastri polipropilene

Polypropylene ribbons

Practical, colorful and ... water resistant!

Bows to pull, ribbons to curl and adhesive stars to apply as desired: a wide choice of convenient solutions for your decorations and gift packages. From plain matt, glossy, pearlescent or metallic colors, to those covered with glitter or printed in nice spring or Christmas patterns. Perfect for any type of party.

nastri polipropilene