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In shopping centers and throughout the many items in a stationery shop decorative ribbons shouldn’t get lost or confused among other products. This is why Brizzolari has designed and created various types of floor and table displays that are solid and functional.

Espositori nastri

These displays not only will make the ribbons they contain more visible and captivating: they will also contribute in elegantly furnishing any kind of shop. In spring or at Christmas, we have a perfect solution for selling loose or blister-packaged ribbons.

espositori nastri natalizi
espositori nastri natalizi
espositori nastri natalizi

Table displays

As table displays, we offer sturdy boxes whose lid, when opened, rotates around the box and functions as a support useful to incline the display to make the products more visible and easy to choose. We also have multiple-layered displays that contain different types of ribbons and paper with matching colors and styles. Last but not least, we also produce a series of light and dynamic ‘cofanetto’ displays that can be used in two ways: at wholesalers, when closed, they can be located on shelving to show their content. In shops, on the other hand, they can be positioned flat, so that the ‘cofanetto’ can be opened for the customer to choose and pick from.
Each display comes with bobbins, reels, bows or mixed star-bows, all in keeping with current fashion. To make the product even more appealable and exciting, each box also has a crowner that can be located on the displays according to the customer’s needs.

espositori nastri natalizi
espositori nastri natalizi
espositori nastri natalizi

Floor Displays

Our floor displays are downright furniture perfect for decorating any type of shop. Setup and filled with coordinated ribbons to match the various festivities throughout the year, they feature specific products for the main kinds of packaging, from ribbons and bows all the way to matching packing paper.
Brizzolari also offers a stackable display called CUBO, which can be setup choosing between different types of boxes with various contents.
These boxes are manufactured so that they can be easily mounted stacked one on top of the other to the shape of custom-made totems.
Creative tip: in the LOOK display we have substituted the images with real present packages made with the items contained in the display. The result is extremely picturesque! Try it yourselves!

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