Paper-ribbon coordinates

For a perfectly coordinated gift package!

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For lovers of the perfect gift package, we offer our lines of coordinated paper, ribbon, boxes and bags designed and studied in a coordinated way from the earliest developments. Here you will find the most important trends of the year, declined so that the same pattern and the same colors are present on the various ingredients typical of the packaging world.

carta nastro coordinati

The items proposed are the result of a collaboration and exchanges between Brizzolari for the ribbons and the REX brand of Saul Sadoch spa, manufacturer of paper and bags. Hence the name of the BriRex line.

Coordinati carta-nastro
coordinato peonie
carta nastro coordinati arte e colore
carta nastro coordinati arte e colore
coordinato kilt
coordinato kilt
coordinato kilt
coordinato kilt
coordinato kilt
coordinato kilt

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