Polypropylene ribbons

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Polypropylene ribbon is today the best-selling and most used product in decorative packaging. These are extruded polypropylene ribbons which, later on, can be embossed, printed or coupled to thin sheets that change their appearance and consistency.

Nastri polipropilene

Here you can find bows to pull, ribbons to curl and adhesive stars to apply as desired. A wide choice of convenient solutions for your decorations and gift packages.
Our range offers those in solid colors, opaque, shiny, pearlescent or metallic, but also covered with glitter or printed in nice spring or Christmas patterns. Perfect for any type of party.

Nastri natalizi polipropilene
Nastri natalizi polipropilene
nastri natalizi polipropilene 68301
nastri natalizi polipropilene 68286-nastro
nastri natalizi polipropilene 68276
nastri natalizi polipropilene 68291
nastri natalizi polipropilene 68286
nastri natalizi polipropilene 68286

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